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History of the Anthroposophical Work on Lanzarote



The founders Enrique and Liselotte Winzer buy the 1 hectare site of Lomos Altos (high-back) in Macher - on the south of the island. Work on the soil with biodynamic methods begins.



Construction and completion of the buildings Finca Lomos Altos With greenhouse, 2 cisterns, storage/utility rooms, garage and 2 holiday apartments which are available for anthroposophical friends as holiday homes.



2,5 hectares of adjacent land is acquired on which the extension of Lomos Altos with an apartment and a storeroom was added on the new site. RIBERA SÜD - a house with 2 holiday apartments, 2 single rooms and a large cistern are built.



The Fundación is founded and granted working capital.



At the beginning of the ‘80s the original neighbouring houses CASA CALDERINA and CASA ROMERITO are rented out. In total there are now over 12 holiday apartments with a maximum of 28 beds available. The cultural events - lectures, readings and conversational evenings, eurhythmy, painting and modelling - take place in the private living room of the founder.



Bookings - especially in winter - regularly exceed availability. Guests, who we cannot accommodate in the 4 Finca houses, are brought to Casa Felix and the Tamarindos complex below in Puerto del Carmen.



The Fundación achieves legal status in the provincial government in Las Palmas and is registered with the number 22. The ownership of the sites, houses and their contents is now objectified.  



The building regulations on Lanzarote are fundamentally changed. In the rural areas where we are which means we have to stop any further construction on the Finca. Our plan to build a Therapy Centre on Lomos Altos has to be deferred.



We were offered the lease of Tamarindos, a holiday complex with 50 apartments built 4 years ago. A consultation with a circle of supporters takes place.


Summer 1993

The association of the centre for anthroposophical therapy is founded as a charity and without further difficulty is acknowledged and registered by the provincial government.

On 1st October 1993 we sign the lease agreement with the owner of the Tamarindos complex. The reconstruction, the restaurant, health shop and therapy rooms begins. The Fundación provides the centre with the necessary working capital.


1st October 1993

The Centro is opened as planned and we are pleased with the lively response.



A long-standing friend of the founders buys Casa Romerito and gifts it to the Fundación, retaining the right of use as a holiday home.


May 1996

We are offered a house right next to the Centro with 700 m2 of land. Through financial help from friends and the GLS Gemeinschaftsbank the purchase is made possible. In the summer the construction work for the therapy centre begins.


October 1993

The Centro is now 3 years old and its rocky beginnings lie far behind. An anthroposophical doctor and six trained therapists care for the well being of the guests and patients. For economic reasons we plan to buy the Tamarindos apartment complex. Our local Spanish bank makes us an advantageous offer. The annuity is covered by the lease. The deficit would be covered through the sale of time shares.


March 1997

The construction of the therapy buildings is completed. The doctor and the therapists move into their new rooms. The day begins with an inaugural ceremony and celebration.


July 1997

With the help of our local bank and our friends the financing of the purchase price for the apartment’s complex is assured. The notary’s deed can be signed.


August 1997

In the Centro the first service of The Christian Community - the ‘Act of Consecration of Man’ takes place. As an exception, consent is given by the steering group of The Christian Community for any priests present to be able to hold services. The eurhythmy therapy room in the new therapy house is adapted for the services.


December 1997

The solar-heated 340C sea water pool is ready for use. The surrounding grounds of the therapy house are planted. The paths and the covered outdoor  space for artistic work are completed. Patients, guests and co-workers are all pleased with the successful extension of the Centro.


October 1998

A ‘general usage’ status of the Centro is not permitted. As far as the authorities are concerned this is because of the predominantly business activities. The Centro status is changed to a limited company (corresponding to the German GmbH)



From January in the cultural hall in Arrecife the Foundation offers a series of monthly lectures on Waldorf education and Anthropsophical medicine. Our friends from the Waldorf School and Kinder garden in Madrid support us. They hold the lectures and are present as speaking partners. Between 10 and 50 people participate. Encouraged by the enthusiasm and interest, we get involved in founding a kindergarten.


May 2000

The founder of the kindergarten from Madrid becomes involved.


August 2000

A house with a large area of land is found in Tahiche and rented. The building and construction work begin. The parents work alongside. The house lies in the middle of the island approximately 20 km away from the Centro and the Finca.


Spring 2001

The Waldorf kindergarten is opened. The Escuela Infantil association "Fogalera de San Juan Pedagogia Waldorf" is approved as a kindergarten association and registered in the society.



On Lomos Altos the buildings are extended by the addition of a bungalow which is also suitable for families with children. On Ribera South the bare brickwork for 4 studios is under way. The Finca has over 17 holiday apartments available with a maximum of 40 beds.


October 2003

The Centro is now 10 years old. With festivities and open house for the day, the celebration of the anniversary takes place.


21st July 2004

Lieselotte Winzer after 10 years of suffering from cancer returns to her spiritual home.


February 2005

The organisation of the Centro is re-structured. For the management an administration panel of 4 people is formed. The co-workers receive profits. The excess is allotted to the developmental projects of our Waldorf kindergarten.


November 2005

The Centro apartments urgently need refurbishment, upgrading and modernising. To finance a mortgage is necessary. The preparation work goes ahead.


Summer 2006

The new furniture arrives - curtains, lamps, windows, doors, kitchen cookers, baths, bedcovers and pictures, are delivered and installed. To complete the work we were busy right up to 2007.


Winter 2006/07

The project: Waldorf Centre on Lanzarote is born. The Hamburger Architects partnership Gerd Rückner.G.R. had worked on a preliminary design, which we present in our Christmas letter. Our Waldorf Kindergarten is to receive its own house, connected with a cultural centre, so that Waldorf education can be made known to a wider circle of people.


August 2007

The Kindergarten has now grown to 3 groups. Because of a (worldwide) shortage of trained Waldorf Kindergarten teachers, we are thrown back on our own resources.

Apart from that, more and more parents express the wish to hear more about Waldorf pedagogy and Anthroposophy. We prepare a comprehensive training course that is to begin (in Spanish) at the start of 2008 in the rooms at the Centro.